Our Try Before you Buy Business in a Box

We like to be innovative so have developed a unique NO risk, NO upfront fee and NO commitment Business in a Box franchise model covering not just one service like most franchises but 9 (and growing) ASK Business Brands ranging from ASK Print to ASK Internet.

Our Simple Business in a Box Model

ask group business in a box free franchise

We have made your revenue stream simple, so no purchasing goods and working out a profit, you simply earn a 10% commission on all sales on most of our brands such as ASK Print & ASK Creative, and 5% on sales on the other ones such as Translation (so we can keep their prices competitive in the market place).

You have nothing to purchase, little or no Project Management to do, all you have to do is Sell and Service your Customers and on some brands such as our Mobile Leased Line Internet solutions perform a simple site survey.

NO Risk | NO Upfront Fee | No Commitment

We know choosing the right franchise can be a risky business with many companies charging huge upfront costs and signing you up on long term contracts.

And we know like any business it takes you a while to build up your client base, so we have taken the risk out of the equation with our Try Before you Buy Scheme where you can try us for 3 months with nothing to pay upfront and no monthly fees for the first 3 months, and after 3 months you have the opportunity to continue or simply walk away.

And even then there is NO long standing contract, should your circumstances change or you decide it is not for you, you can stop without penalty with just one month's notice.

This is good for us as we only want enthused franchisees and agents promoting our brand, and good for you as it removes all the risk.

And if you want to start smaller or with less commitment than a franchise we also have Sales Agent and White Labelled opportunities as well as a Completely Free Student Agent opportunity where A level and University Students can become agents and learn how to run a real business which will look fantastic on their CV when they graduate.

Sounds too good to be True? Interested? Then Apply Today.